FN Draft Talk: Getting Yelled At By Douchey McDipshit

FN star commenter and draft guru extraordinaire CK Parrot finally got to shoot his load on national television on NFL Network last week. Boy, that was worded poorly.

Anyway, CK (aka BEER HOLSTERS!) got himself all cleaned up and appeared on NFL Network to talk up The Wangsta. Then that chippy little vaginus Paul Burmeister started berating him about his knowlege.

“Ohh… look at me. I quarterbacked the University of Iowa to undaunted heights of mediocrity! And now I’m the guy NFL Network throws on all their shitty shows when they need someone just slightly above the talent level of a PSA voice over guy! GMs talk to me off the record! You’re no match for my inane circle of logic! I am a master of semantics!”

Anyway, CK handled his shit well. Kudos to him for holding it down.

You can watch the vid here.

Also, I got news for you all: Get visions of first-round quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers out of your head because the Dolphins are totally going to trade out of the 15 spot to recoup their lost 2nd rounder. So get ready for another exciting season cheering for Chad Henne’s shittiness and his AMAZING offensive line filled with leaders with terrific motors! Also known as the Cincinnati Bengals! Weeee….!!

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