FN Exclusive Report: If Colts Don’t Sign Peyton Manning, He’s Going To Be A Dolphin

640 Sports’ Orlando Alzugaray, who is currently doing his show up in Indy during the NFL Combine, just texted me with some exclusive Peyton Manning inside info.

Well, I thought it was exclusive to me, until I saw that he tweeted out the very same thing he texted me. He also put it on our facebook page.


Point is, according to his sources in Indianapolis, the only team that the Dolphins will be competing against for Manning’s services will be the Colts. More than that, the Colts are only keeping Manning if they decide to pass up on drafting Andrew Luck. And you know that’s not the way shit is gonna go down.

So basically, Peyton Manning is a Miami Dolphin. Boom.

Okay, we won’t get ahead of our selves here. But it’s pretty cool news. And I know my FN dick-joke-making partner DRK is not as thrilled about bringing Manning to Miami as I am, what with the goose neck thing and all.

But I for one want Peyton Manning down here. Shit, I’ll take half of a neckless Manning over a whole Matt Flynn any day.

Every report says that every doctor that has seen Manning says he’s fine and in no danger of getting his shit fucked up if he gets hit too hard.

Reports are also coming out that velocity is returning to Manning’s throws and he should be back to 100% in no time.

So basically this comes down to Jim Irsay being a total dick about this whole fiasco and Manning not liking it one bit and taking his gangly ass out of Indy.

Big O also reports that the Dolphins would bring Reggie Wayne into the fold as well, as a sort of package deal, which is too good to be true, but what the fuck, stop doubting the report, you’re such a cynical asshole, DON’T BRING ME DOWN, CYNICAL ASSHOLE!

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