Gone Fishin’

It’s that time of year again where DRK and I pack it up for a few weeks and spend the rest of our free time drinking instead of blogging. Well, drinking more than usual, anyway. To the point where our blog posts would be incoherent drivel and pictures of monkey tits. It’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas kind of stuff we’d rather not talk about in public.

But do not fret, Nation! We shall return soon, a little hungover, probably overweight from all the Flannies ribs we’ll throw down our face holes, but refreshed nonetheless. And ready to attack the new season and this team’s sudden and shocking departure from being all secretive and weird. Should be a hoot.

For now, know that we love you. We appreciate each and every one of you, the commenters and non-commenters, the fanmail, the compliments and the free shit. We appreciate the fact that, in a sea of multiple Dolphins blogs and fan sites, you choose to come here to read our goofy shit on a regular basis and suffer the scorn of being a fan of this team right along with us. We think it’s because of all the boobies pics we post. But also maybe because you dig our inane observations. We can’t begin to tell you how cool we think that is!

Have a great summer, kids. Be safe. And take every opportunity to hug and tell your loved ones how much you love them. That’s what the summer is all about (maybe?)! That and celebrating the time we cockpunched the English and totally fucked their shit up when we threw tea into the water. Take that, you dickless wankers!

Anyway…. Thanks again. Oh and look, PhinNation awarded us with the Sam Madison Hilarious Blog Award award. Neat!

See you soon, Nation.


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