Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween, Nation.

Tom Brady was already in on the festivities during last Sunday’s post-game presser. He’s dressing up as Hillary Duff.

Seriously. A newsboy cap. Seriously. How can you not hate this fucker?

If you’re gonna party tonight, be safe. Trick O’ Treating? Likewise.

Down here in Miami it’s raining like Noah just collected the last remaining alpacas and all the women and liquor he could carry (40 days and nights worth), and rambled up into his boat. Sheets of rain.

But fuck that. I’m going out anyway. My three year old son is dressing up like a Power Ranger. Afraid of getting soaked and catching a cold? Man up, boy. Because that costume made of thin polyester and synthetic nylons that cost the sweat shop people $3.00 to make, cost me $30.00 to purchase. So grab your bucket and let’s do this. And no rain coats either. I don’t recall ever seeing a Power Ranger wearing a rain coat. You want candy? You’re earning that shit tonight.

Happy Halloween!

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