Hard Knocks Bengals?

All I can say about this is… yawn.

If this at all interests you, read more here.

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It’s kinda like this site is being handled by guys who not only don’t like the Dolphins, but don’t even like professional football. The effort level is non-existent, and while I understand this is a free site you guys do for “fun” in your spare time, it’s become worthless at this point. I had more respect for you not posting anything than these latest, “why bother” posts.

Feel free to delete my comments, douches. The funny this is you know what I said is true, and you probably already regret being such sore loser fags for the last year because not only is it looking more and more like the Fins will actually succeed this year, but you’ve lost a whole lot of readers in the process. Truly commendable job, dicks. Way to support your team!


Listen bud, it’s middle of June. There ain’t much NFL or dolphins shit to talk about.

Take a deep breath bud.

LMAO!!! Zangina… that was the funniest thing I have heard all day. I’m going to call at least 3 people today a Zangina!!

Whoa, new FN posts? I go away on vacation during the doldrums and suddenly shit be happening.

Mildly different look / feel too. No more avatars or TypePad. Did you guys make some admin change? I see the “Malaysia Explorer” and related links are gone, and you’ve got some sort of banner ad thing, which is good if it helps you cover the costs of this here site. Also can’t tell who is posting what, though I’ll know who it is when I see a longer piece.

Welcome back!

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