Hey, Look At That! ANOTHER Losing Season

Frankly, there’s not a ton of new things to say about this team lately and the situation is fucking depressing.

We are in a ‘Groundhog’s Day’ of elephant shit when it comes to this team and it’s always the fucking same. It’s incredibly tiresome and tremendously BORING, above all else. I noticed there was a degree of frustration in the comments for the last post that’s been up for a zillion weeks or whatever. No need to get nasty, people. We are all frustrated. We’ve done this blog for 6 straight years now. So excuse us if we’re not posting as much as we’d like to; there’s a myriad of factors that go into that and it’s difficult to explain. Honestly, we shouldn’t have to.

We appreciate the fact y’all want to hear from us more because we’ve tried to be some kind of beacon of truth and light amidst the nearly generational tenure of this shit-fog we’ve been aimlessly floating around in (i.e. being a Dolphins fan). That’s nice and we enjoy this platform tremendously.

But it’s ANOTHER losing season, ANOTHER crop of terrible draft picks, ANOTHER useless free agent class, ANOTHER bevy of coaching mistakes in-game, and ANOTHER season of top-to-bottom ineptitude. So, what can we say that hasn’t already been said? We organized a plane to fly around the stadium for 2 hours to say what we’d all been saying for YEARS (plural). So, you know, we care.

Fuck this team for taking valuable years off our lifespan.

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