It’s Friday, Fuckers



On Sunday, we’re up against our beloved ONE THAT GOT AWAY, derp-face and dumb voice and all.  : (

Hopefully the O-line gets their shit together and the running backs, you know, run hard and stuff.

Bang it here for some keys to the game.

Have a great weekend.  God, I love football!

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Boom, glad to see you are directing us to your articles (seriously). I love reading them but am a lazy fuck.

We go 2-0 and I might buy some gay whale tail teal and cream sickle swag, yo.

Home “Banged It Here” and Miami Spread did not even get jealous

Good Job Fellas, Funny shit as usghe

Believe Luck has 8 comeback wins, not sure if they are all in the 4th though – prolly r

Expecting one Hell of a Shoot Out
w Luck & TanneHOPE both passing for over 300 YDs and 3 passing TDs each

Our run game will def pick up
Indy sucks on the run stop
Lamar Miller will shed the name “Lame Miller” this week 4 sure

Home’s guttin it out and has TanneHOPE, Wallace, The Chipmunk and Sturgis in fantasy football this week
Opponent had (3) Patriots – Brady (who had less than 200 YDs and only 1 TD)
Edelman (13 receptions yet less than 80 YDs and no TDs) and another Gront (the Kicker w 2 FGs)

So it sucks to be him 🙂
Home will buy y’all a fantasy beer w the winnings!

have a HAARPy day and Go Fish !

Us Niggas Got Swag!

Bought Miami Spread a newly arrived sexy lil pair of hottie Miami Dolphins cheer leading shorts and cool white tank w faded new whale tale logo
Home picked up nother cool new green colored dry wic fly weight long sleeve Miami Dolphin work out t-shirt

Seen enuf
Our team deserves some more support

D-fence looks fucking AMAZING!


Home has Miami by 3 points against Indy
and then, ……………….. 2 or 3 losses in a row for Miami at the bye week

What’s a girl to do ?!

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