Jeff Fisher Reportedly Will Stop Being a Dick About This Whole Thing And Decide What He’s Gonna Do Today

a>According to this guy over here, Jeff Fisher is supposed to decide TODAY whether he’ll be coaching it up in St. Louis or giving the MILFS of South Beach and Bal Harbor mustache rides for the next five-plus seasons (he’s single, ladies).

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster waiting on HEFFFFFFF! to make a decision. And by emotional rollercoaster, I mean *fart noise*.

So stay tuned to see if we have ourselves yet another big name coach who will in all likelihood fuck our franchise in the face yet again, or whether we should start yelling at Stephen Ross to go get us Chip Kelly or Chud or whatever.

Meanwhile, Mike Mularkey is now the head coach for the Jags, whichs means we dodged THAT bullet.

And RG3 announced he’s entering the NFL Draft, which means nothing to us because he’ll be throwing the football for another team next season.

Oh and the Jets are about to get a whole lot more field goal-y!

So many LOLZ going on in New York, it’s making all this waiting around so worth it.

*UPDATE*: The NFL Network is saying HEFFFF! is “close” to signing with the Fins.

Also, HEFFFF! kinda looks like a beaver. Which is apropo because he’d be joining the team with the Honey Badger GM. 

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