Keys To The Game: Dolphins @ Cowboys

So, I actually want to get drunk and watch us win tomorrow. Sorry, but I fucking hate the Cowboys. Besides the Jets game at the end of the year, I’m fine with us losing every remaining game but I fucking really hate the Cowboys, their dipshit QB, their dipshit Head Coach, the Ryan brother that always drinks out of beer cans and rides Harleys or whatever the fuck and their digusting fucking owner. Fuck ’em all. So I want us to win. My only wish is that we’d look as fucking FLY as we did Thanksgiving 2003. I watched this video about 5x in a row just because of how much I love those uniforms.

Also, don’t y’all forget (as Tom Ass has mentioned here and on Twitter) that tomorrow is the fucking WHORE BOWL. Jeff Ireland and his whore-hating face against Dez Bryant and his dubiously-employed mother. Didn’t Dez swear some revenge on Ireland? I can’t recall but I’d be starting that fucker in fantasy if I were you.

Finally, The Dude and I want to wish all you crazy fuckers a fun-filled, delicious, and safe Thanksgiving. Hope y’all have some delicious food and spend some quality time with your friends and families. We love you.


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