‘Manning to Miami’ Billboard Must Give Bokamper A Big : (

Oh, look at these upstarts!!!

Apparently this website has sponsored the above billboard hovering around the junction where I-95 meets I-595 (where cops lurk SPECIFICALLY to pull over Omar Kelly!!) in an effort to say ‘Hi, World!  We’re Miami Dolphins fans and we are so fucking scarred and desperate for a QB of note that we will gladly overpay and welcome one that has 2-3 functioning vertebrae in his spine!!’  I think the ‘official’ stance around these parts is ‘yeaaaaa, I guess we’ll take him if he’s not COMPLETELY goose-neck-y and for the right price and if we still go out get someone young’ but flying banners (COUGH!) or putting up billboards is not the sort of thing we’d probably endorse with this much zeal.  Don’t get me wrong, Manning was great and all but free agency is about 3 weeks away and the dude is still completely FUCKED.

Still, points for ‘sticking it to the man’ and getting all offensive with your desired message, there.  I’d certainly say we tend to advocate that sorta thing.  Rest assured those two idiotic fuckfaces Young Ron and Paul Castronovo will be VERY miffed by this outcry – and then summarily finance their own billboard along the Palmetto Expressway requesting virtually the same thing with their moronic names splashed all across it.  How opportunist!!!

Also, points for the partially submerged photoshop Manning calling line audibles while waist-deep in water on the main website.  Shit’s tiiiiiight, yo.

Update:  Better up the ante there, hermanos.  Those Tennessee folk also have their eyes on Goose Neck McQuack.

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