Mike Sherman? Yea, ok, I guess

It’s looking like former Green Bay Packers coach and Texas A & M coach Mike Sherman might very well be the next offensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins.

Sherman was at one point the front runner for the Tampa Bay Bucs head coaching gig, but that looks like it ain’t happening. He’s interviewed with the Dolphins and is reportedly in town at this very moment.

Sherman coached the Packers from 2000-2005 and is long-time friends with Joe Philbin (Philbin was on his staff in Green Bay).

This, of course, means no more Brian Daboll in Miami. It also most likely means the Fins will be running a west coast offense, which is weird but different.

If that’s the case, it looks more and more like we’re all gonna have to put our faith in Matt Flynn next year.

It will also start to get everyone’s crotch hot and wet for Sherman’s Texas A & M QB Ryan Tannehill.

Because FUCK YEA second-round quarterbacks who did awesome at the Senior Bowl!! Right, you guys?

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