Of Course, Brandon Marshall Punched a Woman in the Face

You just knew there had to be more to it.  Or at least you very much hoped this team’s front office wasn’t nearly as incompetent as it’s shown itself to be time and time again.

Late last night, word began to leak out that just-traded former Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall had been involved in an ‘incident’ recently – one that might raise a few NFL eyebrows.  Seems Beast there had quite the tussle outside of a New York City bar on Monday night at about 4 am (when most good things happen with rational, sober people you see) with another unnamed NFL player.  An unrelated woman there, Christin Myles, partying with some friends went outside during the altercation to meet up with another friend and somehow became involved.  According to the Post:

“Marshall — who earned his nickname with his aggressive style of play — then allegedly cold-cocked Myles in the left eye. She suffered a black eye. It wasn’t clear if he allegedly intended to strike her or one of her pals.”

Classy!  Obviously, all this information is just coming to light and there’s no knowing at this point the overall validity of the story (it’s the New York Post, afterall) but it’s worth noting given the speed with which Jeffy Ireland sent Beast packing for Chicago and the compensation he sought/received in the process.  Shrewd move by the worst GM in football, kneejerk reaction by Ginger McFuckface or was this new development not a factor at all in what was perhaps the slowly-developing ‘plan all along’?  Stay tuned.

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