Peyton Manning Will Only Meet With Joe Philbin. Those Other Two Jackasses, Not So Much

Well it looks like ESPN was WRONG. Peyton Manning will indeed be meeting with the Dolphins.

However, as per Manning’s request, he’ll only be meeting with head coach Joe Philbin. Which makes sense because they’re both brainy football Xs and Os type of guys. And they’re both gangly goose-necked white men. Could Joe Philbin actually be old Peyton Manning returned from the distant future? I just blew my own mind!

COOL JEEPS gives us the scoop:

Manning and Dolphins coach Joe Philbin will meet at an undisclosed location in the coming days — perhaps even as early as Monday evening or Tuesday — during which they will hold a very football-centric meeting, a team source said Monday.

PFT is also reporting about the meeting, and say that Manning is only interested in hearing about football stuff, and not about how Club LIV is super happening right now, bro. So, Stephen Ross will not be in attendance.

We’ve been hearing for weeks that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross had his heart set on signing Peyton Manning. But while Manning is leaving the door open to the Dolphins, he’s apparently only interested in hearing about the team’s playbook, and not Ross’s pitch.

This is good news, in that we’re not out if yet, technically. But this also has “professional courtesy” written all over it. Like Manning decided to give Miami a piece of his time as a favor because that’s the way Mama Manning raised him. All reports indicate that the Broncos and Cardinals are still the favorites to land Manning when it’s all said and done.

So it’s all on Philbin’s shoulders now. He needs to convince Peyton, on his own, that the Dolphins are a better place for him to end his career than Denver or Arizona.

Some might wonder how much of a chance the Dolphins really have when Manning won’t even meet with the team owner or general manager. But to those people I’d ask, “How many times have Ross and Ireland walked into a meeting with an awesome player, draft prospect, or coach and convinced them to become a Miami Dolphin?”

(The answer is none. They’ve done that none times.)

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