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The Super Bowl is a couple of weeks behind us, free agency doesn’t start for another few weeks and the Draft is a good two months away.

Yep. It’s the doldrums. And it blows ass.

But, not to worry, Nation. Because we here at FN are nothing if not accomodating to your needs.

So, what say we shoot the doldrums in the face with a bazooka and have ourselves a good ole fashioned sports talk chat thing?

Come by this Friday at 1:00 (EST) for our first everĀ FinsNation Football & Football Related Things Chat hosted by none other than South Florida radio sports talk personality Orlando Alzugaray of 640 Sports. Or, as his mom calls him, BIG O.

Big O was kind enough to agree to come by on Friday afternoon to answer all your questions about the Dolphins, free agency, the draft, life, the universe, and everything.

This is the sort of thing that can be totally cool, or a total fucking train wreck. Either way, it should be a hoot.

So be sure to come by Friday at 1:00.


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