So, uhhh, like…what’s up…?

I shudder to think how deeply esconsed in the ‘D’ word we are right now. Senior Bowl was last week and that was ‘aight’, I guess. We can sit here and wonder for months and months whether Kaepernininiininick is worth dropping down in the first round and taking a chance on some lanky dude with a slow-as-molasses release or sell the barn to get Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert. Typically, I want nothing to do with anyone named ‘Blaine’ because it reminds me of this but I’m very, very old, you see.

Anyway, Brooklyn Decker and her wide open pelvis are here to at least get the image of Jeff Ireland saying ‘NO’ to whores out of your mind for just a little bit.

I’m going back home for the weekend. Winter sucks my balls.

Go Packers.

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