These Are The New Uniforms

As reported a earlier today by UniWatch, the Dolphins new uniform was leaked and here’s your first second third 50th look at them.  That is aaaaalooottt of light aqua/teal/Easter/’Bayside Blue’/whatever.


There’s A LOT of white and the aqua has a considerable amount of more of a blueish hue to them, if you will.  Are they the faggiest uniform in NFL history??  No, I guess the creamsicle Bucs one is worse BUT IT’S NOT FAR OFF.  I get this odd Detroit Lions vibe about them for some reason.  Below is another look from the front.

Ultimately, the unis – as we feared – don’t make them look any meaner, nastier or like a professional sports team than the old unis did.  In fact, it looks like some rejected World Football League design but what do you expect from the geniuses currently running our front office?

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