Your Fire Jeff Ireland Airplane Banner Roundup

This video made by Kevin Mayer of fans reacting to our banner is pretty fantastic. Especially the old dude at :47 who says he donated to the cause. Faded Marino Jersey Guy at 1:44 deserves his own talk show where he aimlessly rambles on about how we didn’t draft that Pittsburgh quarterback Rossenberger while he tells us to look at his New Jersey Generals hat.

While this whole endeavor was by the fans, for the fans, it certainly didn’t stop the media from doing that thing where they shit all over everything. Still, we appreciate the attention. Here’s a sample of what was written yesterday:

Yahoo!Sports Shutdown Corner gets all sassy with it and breaks down the banner with a list of pros and cons and then the commenters troll the shit out of it. Also, not sure if it’s a typo, but the post says this site “has a decided anti-Irish slant.”

Thass right, boy-o! GIT OFF OUR SITE AN’ GIT BACK TO YER OWN COINTRY, YE FECKIN GOBSHITE!’s Around The League treats the whole thing like it was a call to arms from Thomas fucking Paine:

“As promised, a collection of zealous Dolphins fans flew a poison-pen banner over Sun Life Stadium in the moments before Sunday’s season finale against the Jets […] Meanwhile, down on terra firma, the Dolphins were busy taking care of business […] That’s not good enough for this band of loyalists seeking deeper changes in South Beach.”

These zealous commoners are a scandalous lot as they pronounce Jeff Ireland an enemy of the state with poisoned pen and fiery declaration! Tis a pretty business indeed for a man to be allowed eight hundred thousand sterling a year for, and worshipped into the bargain of general managership of the Dolphins of Miami! NAY of more worth is one honest man to society and in the sight of God, than all the crowned ruffians that ever lived!


Our very own Sun-Sentinel covered it as well, treating us like our site is run by al-Qaeda Dolphins fans:

“The Web site is believed to have paid for the banner. The site launched a campaign last month to raise $1,500 to fly it. “It was glorious,” a posting on the site reads.”


Janie Campbell of Huffington Post also covered it. Janie was the first to write about this whole thing. Then every other news outlet jumped in and basically ripped off my quotes from the interview she did. And then the Miami Herald accused Huffington Post of ripping off other news outlets stories. Oh media. You’re incorrigible!

A fun day all around, really.

(now go read my final Dolphins Roundup of the season over at Miami New Times)

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