Weekender: Boob-o’-tronix Edition

/ loooong whistle

Oh boy, it’s been a while. These Doldrums are even more doldrum-y than any Doldrums before. I reckon these are the Super/Mega/Ultra Mega Ok/Superuknown Doldrums – with the CBA talks and the endless negotiating charade between millionaires and billionaires (‘Why, yes, I have tons of money but I WANT EVEN MORE MONEY, YOU SEE!!’) threatening to bring us to our very knees in doldrum-y desperation for ANYTHING that resembles actual, live, important football news. Until then, we hopelessly navigate through the Doldrums’ treacherous, unforgiving waters and bide our time by masturbating furiously into various gym socks around the house.

Here’s Megan Fox to help.

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