Weekender: Butt Party

Weekender: Butt Party

Ah, Francesca Frigo…you know exactly how to make a guy smile after a tough day, don’t you? You’re one of a kind. Little-known-fact: Balconies were originally conceived SOLELY for the purpose of bending hot women over while you absolutely drilled them from behind. See, the original designers figured it would be quite the PARTAY to have multiple women howling away over pools, empty parking lots, assorted scenic landscapes that go on infinitely…but goddammit we dropped the ball and completely half-ASSED the original intent. Francesca here knows exactly what the balconey was conceived for. Look at her calling to you like a siren…

Will we have a coach today? Maybe. Will I care until roughly April or so? PROBABLY NOT!

Have a great weekend, Nation.

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