Weekender: Good (T*ts) Friday

Well, a slightly more eventful week around these parts what with our draft breakdowns commencing and continuing on through next week (yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo…Ry-Mizzy in da hizzy) and the release of that nail-encrusted baseball bat of a schedule lodged firmly in our rectum. Good stuff, NFL! Would it kill you to just have a weekend off where EVERYONE would rest and then we go back at it for the second half?? Wouldn’t that seem almost kind of exciting, like a pre-playoff of sorts as teams go at it during the final stretch??? Whatever. You may say I’m a dreamer…but I’m not the only one.

Your Weekender is some dopey-faced chick with big boobers. How very @ilikegirlsdaily of us to choose some random chick off the internet!!! What sayeth you, oh Wangsta??

Yoyoyoyoooo…wassup, homey! Yoooo, dat gurl’s hot, son! Farilllzzz…Ry-Mizzy would get ALL up in dat dopey love. Yo, watch me while I breakdance, yo.

/ makes you hold can of Rockstar energy drink mixed with Popov vodka

Have a good weekend, Nation!

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