Weekender: Non-Kate Upton Edition

My girlfriend complains that all we ever do is put Kate Upton on here for the Weekender. So, in lieu of her concerns, I’m putting up this random chick with great boobs model Rosie Jones. After the week/month/years/generation we’ve had, I’d say we all deserve a little Random Anonymous Model Chick With Great Boobs Rosie Jones. In addition, here’s Adriana Lima with her ass up to the world below.

More pics of Rosie here.

2 replies on “Weekender: Non-Kate Upton Edition”

I really think that Adriana lima is more beautiful, hotter, sexier and more stunning than Kate Upton. Kate only has big boobs and she pretends like an idiot, but adriana is really gorgeous, she has feline eyes, big lips and stunning body, also, she shows her intelligence in every way

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