Weekender: The Best D*ckjokes From Today’s Chat

We’d like to once again thank Big O for stopping by and chatting with us numbskulls for an hour today. We apologize if you submitted a question and it didn’t get through. We were learning on the fly with that chat board thing, so it wasn’t always smooth sailing. Plus, we only had an hour to do it. Plus, I was drunk. DRUNK MODERATOR! FUCK YEA!

All told, Big O was very insightful in his answers about the Dolphins, and rather patient with our goofy shit, I’d say. He’s planning on coming back around draft time to chat up Fins draft stuff and how we’ll probably select yet another offensive lineman with our first pick. We promise that chat will go a lot smoother.

Also, please be sure to stop by next Friday when our chat guest will be none other than LaMontelle Pussyhammer himself. That is, if he gets up out of bed in time.

If you missed the chat, you can read it here.

Most of your jokes were left out of the chat due to time constraints/serious questions purposes. So we’ve posted the best ones after the jump.

You crazy fuckers made our week with your shenanigans.

Have a kick ass weekend, Nation!

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