We’re Back….


The Boys are back.  More to come next week.

Have a safe, fun 4th of July

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How do I know its really you guys? I’m gonna need proof. Urine, stool and sperm sample will do, so just a pair of your underwear.

How do I know its really you guys. I am going to need stool, urine and sperm samples. So, a pair of underwear will do.

Been forever, glad your back… Kind of missed the social commentary from other Fins Fans born after the glory days of the 70s…

Welcome back!

If Stepehen Ross is willing to piss away money forming a PAC to come after the FL Speaker for not getting his stadium bill voted on, and his minions allegedly bought out our mobile Fireland mobile ad truck days before it rolled, so it would surprise me if you got a cease & desist letter about using the official team logo. I propose this one, which incorporates dick jokes: http://goo.gl/lP7bp

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